Are you ready to transition into fulfilling purpose-driven work and get paid doing what you love?


You are sick and tired of doing things that make you unhappy. 

You no longer want to be disappointed in yourself.

You don't want to feel or play small anymore.

You feel misunderstood by people around you, especially your family. 

You struggle setting boundaries and speaking up for yourself.

You feel disconnected from your physical and emotional body.

You are disconnected from your feminine energy.

You no longer want to experience financial struggles.

What If I Told You It Doesn't Have To Be This Way?

That it is possible to get clear on the life you want and start living it.

A life full of joy, connection, fulfillment and freedom. 

That it is possible to become your highest-self.

A version of yourself, where you feel loved, worthy and abundant of all life has to offer you.

What if I told you that all of it is available to you right now?

What if I told you to create your dream reality, you first need to go inward and heal the wounded parts of you?

The parts of you, the shadows, the wounded inner child, the past that is holding you back.

I’ve been where you are now. I’ve dealt with the pain, the fears, the self-doubt, the self-sabotage and the imposter syndrome.

I tried everything. I read self-help books, listened to podcasts, watched a ton of YouTube videos and even travelled to many spiritual hubs of the world to find answers. 

In the end, I needed to look inside myself to see where I was going wrong. Why was I standing in my way? Why was I repeating the same patterns and cycles again and again? 

This was when I realized that the shifts had to happen internally.

The change had to happen inside first.

Only then, my desires and dreams started to manifest externally.

I spent time clearing my limiting beliefs, dropping unhealthy habits, releasing anger and shame, reparenting my inner child, rewiring my subconscious, and healing my childhood wounds.

I learnt how to develop a healthier relationship with 'all of me'. I became the main character in my life and wrote a new version of my story. Now I am the healthiest I have ever been and I am living my best life.

And now, I want to teach you tools to create your abundant life.

I will guide you and teach you the tools needed to reignite the power within to be your best self and create your best life.

Introducing Unlocking Inner Freedom 

A 12-week program designed to help you gain clarity and direction in life using Ancient Meditations, Breathwork, Somatics, Nervous System Regulation, Embodiment, Movement (Yoga & Dancing), Reiki Healing, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy)

By learning how to do powerful releasing practices, facing your fears, healing old patterns and rewiring your subconscious, Unlocking Inner Freedom will help you create your dream reality.




I teach people how to gain clarity and direction in life (purpose, career, relationships, goals) by slowing down, going inward and accessing their inner wisdom.

I am on a mission to help individuals become aware of their internal states (thoughts, emotions & energy bodies) and struggles, so they can change their current reality.

My awareness journey began 10 years ago when my father passed away, suddenly. This activated everything I had been suppressing, burying and escaping my whole life. I started meditating and it completely transformed my life in every way.

I wouldn't be where I am now; living my purpose and helping others live theirs, if I had not found meditation, yoga, breathwork, reiki, tantra and coaching.

I can't wait to help you.

Topics We Cover Each Week:

WEEK 1: 

Create A Full Body
'Fuck Yes' Life Vision

Have you experienced any of the following …

You didn’t know that the life you are leading is actually NOT the life you really want? 

You have settled for a life ‚Äúyou think you should‚ÄĚ be living.¬†

Societal limitations and expectations have been holding you down?

You are constantly living up to other people's expectations of who you should be? 

If you have answered yes to any of the above, Week 1 is going to help you out immensely. In week one, you’ll discover:

  1. The Life Clarity Method that’ll help you get clarity on your life vision.
  2. The 3 Most Important Questions to ask yourself to easily know if you are in soul alignment or not.
  3. The Full Body 'Fuck Yes’ Meditation to attract and create your dream life. 
  4. The Biggest Personal Growth Blocks that hinder your growth and transformation.

WEEK 2: 

Discover & Live Your
Purpose (Dharma)

Do you desire doing meaningful, impactful and purpose-driven work? 

But.. you are currently doing work you don‚Äôt ‚Äėlove‚Äô?¬†

Deep down you know you are meant to do great things..

But.. you have lost the excitement and passion you once had?

You are stable and secure at your job but you feel disconnected and unfulfilled?

If you are experiencing any or all of the above, week 2 will help you in exploring your purpose through:

  1. The Values Centric Method will help you discover your core values in alignment with how you achieve your goals and higher vision. 
  2. The Purpose Archetype Quiz identifies what your ‚Äúcore archetype‚ÄĚ is and how you can start living it right now.
  3. The ‚ÄėLiving Your Dharma‚Äô Meditation to visualize and embody your calling.¬†
  4. Pain to Purpose Storyboarding to understand the root of your struggles, obstacles and desires.

WEEK 3 & 4: 

Dismantle False Beliefs
& Stories About Yourself

Your beliefs shape who you are…

What limiting or false beliefs have you picked up from your childhood that are not yours?

Which parents voice is more dominant when you speak to yourself about your worth and value?

Do you know the difference between your inner wisdom and the inner critic?

In week 3 & 4, we will dive deep into discovering your truth and you’ll learn:

  1. The Bullshit Method helps you call out your own BS in a loving way and reframe your thoughts.
  2. The 1 Most Important Question to ask yourself to easily separate your beliefs from your parents. 
  3. The “I believe’ Meditation to deeply explore your beliefs about yourself and the world around you.
  4. The Step by Step Process to release false stories you have fed and internalized about yourself.

WEEK 5 & 6:

Release Past Pain &
Childhood Wounds

You’ll discover how to identify and release past pain and resentment you’ve been carrying around since childhood and/or from previous relationships so you don’t bring it into future relationships.

Did you know that trauma and past pain lives in our body?

It is not until we release the hurt, pain and trauma, we can move into complete alignment. 

You will continue remaining stuck in the negative and toxic loops, cycles and patterns if you don’t prioritize your healing. 

 This is why in week 5 & 6, you’ll discover: 

  1. Introduction to Trauma Awareness helps you gain insight into your body.
  2. The Step by Step Process to working through your triggers in a healthy way.
  3. The Somatic Method to regulate your nervous system when you get highly triggered.
  4. The 'Inner Child' Meditation to help you peel layers of pain from childhood and heal the child within you. 
  5. Two Powerful Methods to release suppressed anger, hurt and resentment you've been holding onto from childhood.

WEEK 7 & 8:

Heal Your Relationship
To Your Body 

Are you experiencing the following right now...

- You look into a mirror and you don't like what you see?

- Or you avoid looking at yourself naked in a mirror?

- You feel fat, groggy, or heavy in your body? 

- You don't remember the last time you felt comfortable in your skin? 

- You look healthy outside but inside you feel "ughhh"? 

- You can't remember the last time you were in your body?

If this is you, we are going to completely change the way you see yourself and feel in your body.

In week 7 & 8, you’ll discover: 

  1. Introduction to Embodiment educates you on why these practices are necessary and healing for the body.
  2. The Step by Step Process to working through feeling stuck, stagnant and frustrated in the body.
  3. The 'Embodied Method' will show you how to change your relationship to movement and exercise.
  4. The 'I Love My Body' Meditation to help you rewire your subconscious to a new narrative about your body.
  5. The Pussy Magic Practice to heal your relationship to your vagina, feminine power and sexuality.

WEEK 9 & 10:

Balance & Nurture Your
Feminine & Masculine Energy

- Do you often plan every little thing in your life instead of going with the flow or being spontaneous? 

- Do you struggle relaxing, surrendering and letting go? 

- Do you feel like you always need to be achieving, doing and making things happen? 

If this is you, then you are mostly in your masculine who thrives on planning, doing and achieving.

Too much of this turns into a wounded / unhealthy masculine; aggressive, overbearing, controlling and abusive. 

Leaving the feminine energy body feeling neglected, unseen, unheard and unloved. 

If this is you, Week 9 & 10 will teach you: 

  1. The F&M Scan Method will empower you to bring balance daily to your feminine and masculine energy bodies.
  2. The Different Archetypes to understand yourself better and how to embody them in your relationships.
  3. The 10 Indian Goddesses and how to activate their power within you. 
  4. The 'Ignite Your Feminine’ Meditation to honor and rebalance a healthy feminine within you.
  5. The 'Ignite Your Masculine’ Meditation to honor and rebalance a healthy masculine within you. 

WEEK 11 & 12: 

The Art of Taking Action & Commitment To Your Life Vision

It's natural to feel scared when you finally know what you want. The vision that was non-existent is now in-front of you.

So, what do you do?

- Do you feel unworthy and undeserving of such a big vision? 

- Do you feel frozen or paralyzed in taking action towards your goals? 

- Do you feel like you are not yet an energetic match to your dreams and goals? 

- Do you lack the discipline, consistency and commitment towards what you desire so badly? 

  - Do you continue to sabotage your success by blaming, complaining, procrastinating or post-poning? 

If you answered ‚Äúyes‚ÄĚ to any of the above, then this¬†will be perfect for you.¬†

In Week 11 & 12 you’ll discover:

  1. The Focus Blocks Method to set honest intentions for your daily work and increase productivity. 
  2. The Accountability Test  to hold yourself accountable to your goals, so you can make your vision a reality.
  3. The Step by Step Process to Taking Action and to release any blocks preventing you from remaining consistent, disciplined and accountable to yourself.
  4. The Forgiveness Meditation to honor yourself when you sabotage your own success and growth.

What You'll Receive When You Sign Up: 

Weekly 1:1 Coaching Calls

You'll get weekly, 90 mins call for 12 weeks of coaching and guidance from me. Each week, we will be going through a certain topic and you will get coached by me. 

Lifetime Access

You'll have access to all the recordings for the calls we hold along with lifetime access to all bonuses, meditations and any new meditations I release in the future for this program.

Weekly Missions & Activity Sheets

At the end of every call you'll be given a mission, which is an action item or action items that'll help you integrate the information.

 Accountability Check-Ins

Each week, I’ll track your progress and offers tools to work through any obstacles or challenges you are facing during the week.

Private Facebook Access 

Access to my private Facebook messenger will be given to you. If you don't have facebook messenger, we will communicate via whatsapp for the time slots assigned to you.

BONUS: 1 hr Monthly Accountability Check-In After The Program Ends

We will have 1hr monthly check-in for 3 months after the program ends, so you keep making progress.

BONUS: 7 Day Self-Healing Meditation Challenge

Access to my most popular challenge. Jumpstart your healing journey with this challenge.

BONUS: Inner Child Meditation

Access to my guided meditation to help connect and heal your inner child.

BONUS: Goddess Moon Meditations

Access to my most popular guided meditations for feminine embodiment.

What People Say About Working With Kanwal:

Misha quit her unfulfilling job and launched a nonprofit from her hospital bed in just 3 months

Before working with Kanwal, Misha was struggling with being undervalued and felt unappreciated by her co-workers. In her first 3 months with Kanwal, she quit her job, underwent surgery for endometriosis launching her nonprofit from her hospital bed and found her gifts. Kanwal and Misha worked together to realize her dream and made steps towards it.


Christina manifested her dream job in tech, making $100,000+ easily and effortlessly

Before working with Kanwal, Christina was struggling with her purpose and clarity on her vision. She experienced depth, clarity and alignment through the meditations and found what she was looking for.


Carla began to see herself as a business woman, not just a yoga or ayurveda teacher  

Carla was able to gain immense, alignment and direction after her sessions with Kanwal. She experienced a profound mindset shift that allowed her to see herself as a business, not just a yoga teacher. She realized she can make a huge impact with her vision and mission.


Get everything you need to deepen your connection-to-self and experience fulfillment & freedom from within

By learning how to do powerful releasing practices, facing your fears, healing old patterns and rewiring your subconscious, Unlocking Inner Freedom will help you create your dream reality.


More Reviews About Working With Kanwal:

Jenna healed her wounded masculine and started winning in business by embodying her feminine energy

Before working with Kanwal, Jenna was experiencing disconnection from her feminine energy and as a result felt disempowered in her friendships and relationships. She gained a new outlook into sisterhood and what it means to find a soul tribe for herself.


Jessica found clarity, flow and balance in her business by healing her wounded feminine 

Before working with Kanwal, Jessica felt immense resistance opening up and connecting with other sisters on the island. After a 5 hour feminine embodiment journey, she found a new tribe and community she can call home. 


Get everything you need to deepen your connection-to-self and experience fulfillment & freedom from within

By learning how to do powerful releasing practices, facing your fears, healing old patterns and rewiring your subconscious, Unlocking Inner Freedom will help you create your dream reality.

What You Get When You Join:

12 X Weekly 1:1 Coaching Calls

Coaching Call Recordings (Priceless)

 Weekly Missions & Activity Sheets

 Weekly Accountability & Progress Check-ins

Private FB Messenger

Bonus: Expert Guest Speakers

Bonus: 1 hr Monthly Check-In After the Program Ends (for 3 Months)

Bonus: 7 Day Self-Healing Meditation Challenge

Bonus: Inner Child Meditation 

Bonus: Goddess Moon Meditations